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Which Mattress Type is Best for Sleep?

All mattresses are definitely not created equal, so when you're looking to buy one, there are a few things you should keep in mind, so that you end up with what you really need.
Nothing But Beds: 13860 US-19, Andrews, NC 28901

Looking for better sleep?

When it comes to mattress types, there really is no set standard for which is the best. The “best” for you is dependent on several factors including your favorite sleeping position and your body weight. When you start shopping for a mattress, you’ll find that there’s a plethora of options- each one targeting different sleepers.

In this article, we’ll go over the different types of mattresses you’ll encounter as you shop, as well as explain how to tell the difference. This will help you choose the best mattress for your personal needs.

When you get ready to shop for a new mattress, come visit us at Nothing but Beds. We have two locations: Andrews, North Carolina and Murphy, North Carolina. We look forward to helping you get a good night’s sleep. 

Mattress Types Explained

Your personal preferences will have an effect on the type of mattress that will be best for your sleep. A mattress that works for someone lighter than you may not provide you with the support you need, while a mattress that works for someone heavier than you will probably be too firm. Also, firmness level preference varies depending on whether someone sleeps on their side, stomach, or back.

Body weight and sleeping position are not the only factors to consider. You should also decide if you want one with motion isolation or a responsive surface. There are so many options, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. However, this article will equip you with the information you need to choose.

What are the most popular mattress types?

Below, we’ll provide you with some information on the most popular mattress types:

Foam Mattresses

A foam mattress provides motion isolation and pressure relief, and typically are less expensive than hybrid or latex beds. They are often made with either polyfoam or memory foam. In some cases, it’s a combination of both. This type of mattress is ideal for side sleepers or those who need significant pressure relief.

The foam contours to your body, cushioning your joints with a hugging sensation. This type of mattress is ideal for couples and co-sleepers because it doesn’t allow motion to transfer across the surface. Unfortunately, foam does retain heat and feels hotter than other mattress types.

Latex Mattresses

Natural latex comes from rubber tree sap and provides these mattresses with a slightly responsive, resilient feel. It doesn’t have the contouring of memory foam, so it’s perfect for those who need pressure relief but prefer not to sink deeply into the mattress.

Latex does regulate temperature well, so you’re not likely to get too hot on a mattress that is made with it. Latex mattresses typically cost more to make than foam mattresses, so they are a bit more expensive. These mattresses are durable- but they are also heavy, so you typically need more than one person to set them up.

Hybrid and Innerspring Mattresses

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses both have coil support cores and you’ll find that some manufacturers use the terms interchangeably. However- they are actually two very different designs.

Hybrid mattresses typically have comfort systems on top of the coil core. These comfort systems incorporate latex, foam, wool, or fiber to improve performance and target various needs. On the other hand, a traditional innerspring mattress may offer additional cushioning by adding a Euro-top, pillowtop, or micro-coils.

The exact specs between coil styles/gauges vary from one manufacturer to another, but all hybrid and innerspring mattresses are similar in several ways.

There is some space between the coils in the support core, which allows air to circulate, preventing heat retention. In addition, the coils offer a responsive surface which keeps you from sinking into the mattress. Typically, the coils in a hybrid mattress are pocketed that move independently, which reduces motion transfer.

Innerspring mattresses typically offer plenty of support, but don’t offer very much cushioning. While this may be a good thing for those who sleep on their back or stomach, a side sleeper may want to determine if the mattress is plush enough to prevent pressure points before buying one.

Airbed Mattresses

Airbed mattresses offer an advanced design that allows you to change the firmness level of the mattress when you desire. It has air chambers in the core that inflate/deflate to change the feel of the bed. There is no standard number of chambers- it varies from one manufacturer to another. Some models offer many chambers to provide users with a customizable sleep surface.

Airbeds are the most versatile of the four types and work for a variety of sleeper types- and they are ideal for couples and co-sleepers that prefer different levels of firmness. In addition, the core retains little to no heat, so they are perfect for hot sleepers.

That being said, airbeds are typically much more expensive than other options and though they are durable, the electronic components are likely to break.

Ready to Buy a New Mattress?

Now that you know more about the various types of mattresses and what you should consider when making your decision, you’re probably ready to make your choice. Come by Nothing but Beds in Murphy, North Carolina or Andrews, North Carolina today. We will be happy to show you around our showroom and let you try out the different bed types to figure out which one you like best. 

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