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Top 7 Reasons to Switch to a Memory Foam Mattress

All mattresses are definitely not created equal, so when you're looking to buy one, there are a few things you should keep in mind, so that you end up with what you really need.
Nothing But Beds: 13860 US-19, Andrews, NC 28901

When you have a sleepless night, you struggle to function the next day and can’t wait to go back to bed- but you have another night of insomnia. One of the most common reasons for insomnia is the mattress you’re sleeping on. If you find yourself caught up in the dreadful cycle of insomnia, you may want to consider switching to a memory foam mattress.

At Nothing But Beds, we offer a variety of mattress types, including memory foam. Below, we’ll explain the top 7 reasons you should consider switching to memory foam.

What is Memory Foam?

NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s to improve the safety of aircraft seats. Over time it became popular in commercial settings as well. Today, memory foam can be found in office chairs, sofas, pillows, mattresses, and more.   

Memory foam moves with you, compressing when force is applied and regaining its natural shape when the force is released. This means that it will mold around your body shape and position.

Reasons to Switch to Memory Foam

There are several reasons you should switch from your mattress to a memory foam one:

Resistant to Allergens

Over time, mattresses accumulate allergens, but memory foam is made from polyurethane foam, which is extremely dense. This means that pet dander and dust mites can’t get in. In addition, mold will not grow on a memory foam mattress like it will many of the others.

Absorbs Motion

If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, waking yourself up, it can significantly impact your sleep. However, a memory foam mattress minimizes motion transfer, absorbing energy and limiting movement. Also, if you share your bed with someone, you don’t have to worry about disturbing them or vice-versa. If they toss and turn, you won’t feel it and if you toss and turn, they won’t feel it.

Suits All Types of Sleepers

Memory foam is suited for all sleep positions, whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side. After all, choosing the best mattress for your sleep position is important because if you don’t, you may not get restful sleep. While most mattresses are suited for one type of sleeper, the resilient nature of memory foam makes everyone comfortable.

Offers a Cooling Effect

Your body temperature is always fluctuating- there’s nothing you can do about it. Experts have determined that it’s best for your body temperature to be slightly lower when you’re sleeping. The cellular structure of memory foam can make this happen because it has good airflow even on hot summer nights. It pulls excess heat from your body and dissipates it instead of allowing it to intensify. This helps you feel more relaxed and allows you to get a good night’s sleep.

Relieves Pressure/Pain

The biggest problem most people have when it comes to mattresses is waking up with neck and/or back pain. This is often due to the fact that the bed is not suited for your sleep style. Since memory foam supports all sleep positions, it is comfortable for everyone and since it’s made up of several layers, it offers enough support for your hips, lower back, and shoulders. Therefore, you wake up without pain.

Also, if you’re dealing with body pain, memory foam can relieve it permanently by pulling the heat out of the area. You won’t feel like a completely new person in one night, but over time, the pain will get better.

Adapts to Every Size/Shape

When it comes to size, shape, and weight, memory foam can mold to your body, giving you a pleasant sleeping experience. Memory foam responds to everyone, providing comfort and well-being.

No Sinkage

Memory foam has advanced in many ways from its beginning. The latest mattresses are made with high-quality adaptive materials. The adaptive nature of memory foam promises to be just the right firmness, not to soft but not too hard. Therefore, they are less bouncy and you don’t have to worry about sinkage.

Considering Switching to Memory Foam?

f you are struggling with insomnia, a memory foam mattress may be a good idea. If you are looking to replace your mattress with a memory foam one, look no further than Nothing But Beds. We have two locations: Highway 64 in Murphy, North Carolina, and Highway 19 in Andrews, North Carolina. Let us help you find your next mattress. 

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