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How to choose a mattress?

All mattresses are definitely not created equal, so when you're looking to buy one, there are a few things you should keep in mind, so that you end up with what you really need.
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How to choose a mattress? 

There are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing a new mattress. First of all, you’ll have to identify the size of mattress you need. If it’s just a mattress for one person, you might only need a twin, full, or queen size mattress. To accommodate two people, you’d have to purchase either a queen-size mattress or a king-size version. Now that you have that important first step out of the way, you can begin to consider some of the finer points involved with mattress-buying.

Which type is best for you?

Probably the single biggest choice you’ll have to make when deciding which kind of mattress is best for you, is whether you want to have foam or coils included in your mattress. A foam mattress provides terrific contour, a great hug, and a unique kind of feel. A mattress with coils has more of a traditional feel, and provides great springiness or bounce when you plop down on it. If you prefer that traditional feel of a mattress, or if you happen to be a large person, or if you prefer a cooler feel to your mattress, coils will be the better selection for you. In most other cases, a foam mattress will probably be more comfortable for you.

What kind of budget do you have?

If you can spend somewhere between $800 and $1000, you’ll be right in the ballpark for being able to select almost any kind of mattress you prefer. You’ll have a great many options in this price range, and you can probably even afford to consider luxury types of mattresses. Keep in mind that if you spend less than $500 on your mattress, it might save you some money on your budget, but it will also more than likely break down a whole lot sooner than a higher quality mattress would. It’s also possible that a cheaper mattress could include more toxic materials which could irritate you, and eventually cause at least some minor health issues.

What is your ideal firmness level?

The majority of people prefer a level of firmness somewhere between five and seven, assuming that 10 is the highest level of firmness. This range is adequate for virtually all sleeping positions and for most body types as well. If you’re the kind of person who prefers firmness level of four or below, you are probably someone who sleeps on their side through most of the night. If you feel more comfortable on a mattress with a level of firmness higher than seven, you are more likely to be a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper.

What is your normal sleeping position?

As you have gathered from the preceding paragraph, it’s important to choose the right level of firmness, because that will be in sync with your preferred sleeping position throughout the night. Most side sleepers prefer a firmness level between three and six, whereas most people who sleep on their backs prefer a firmness level somewhere between four and seven. Stomach sleepers are more comfortable with firmness somewhere between five and seven. There are of course, a number of exceptions to each of these general preferences, but it is true that most people in these individual categories do have well-known firmness preferences.

What is your weight and body type?

The kind of support you get from your mattress is directly related to the kind of body type you have, and how much you weigh. The heavier a person you are, the more support you will generally require from your mattress, so that you can be comfortable while sleeping. Your weight has an impact on how much support you receive from the mattress, because you will have certain pressure points which impact the mattress, and there will be a certain amount of sinkage which causes you to drop further into the mattress. Chances are if you are a larger person, you’re going to need a mattress which provides lots of extra support.

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