Mattress Sales in Andrews & Murphy Locations

How much should you spend on a mattress?

Mattress Sales in Andrews & Murphy Locations

How much should you spend on a mattress?

Is your mattress showing its age? Are you getting less sleep at night because you are uncomfortable? It may be time to get a new mattress so your body can get the rest it needs. Getting a good night’s rest is crucial to your health, both physical and mental. While there could be medical issues preventing you from getting sleep, it could also be your mattress. If that is the case, you may be wondering, “How much should I spend on a new mattress?”

How much does a good mattress cost?

The price range for mattresses today can start as low as $299 for a twin size mattress to more than $5,000 for premium models. You can spend as much or little as you want, but the average price most consumers pay for a quality mattress today is around $1,500.

However, with Nothing But Beds, we offer the best deals that no one else can match! To put it into perspective, we offer a variety of selections for queen size mattresses, starting at $299 up to $1429.

We are confident we can help you choose a new mattress to improve your sleep within your budget.

When should I replace my mattress?

If you are still contemplating if you should get a new mattress or not, here are some tips to let you know it is time for a new bed.

The first indicator that it’s time to purchase is the age of your mattress. If your mattress is 7-10 years old, it has reached its lifespan. Your bed was not made to last forever and will need to be replaced after around eight years.

Is your mattress saggy?

We are creatures of habit and tend to sleep in the same spot every night. If you notice that your mattress has a dent in the shape of your body, it is a visible signal that your bed is overly worn. A saggy mattress can cause aches, pains, and otherwise disrupt your sleep.

You should be able to freely move around in your bed at night without feeling like you are falling into a “hole” where your body lies typically.

Do you wake up stiff and sore?

If you wake up in the morning, and you immediately feel sore, and it subsides when you stretch and move, note that your mattress is a problem.

Chronic back pain affects your health and ability to perform throughout the day. We know that there are people who suffer from back pain for other reasons, but if you feel it first thing in the morning and it goes away after you get up, it is time to update your mattress.

Keep in mind that a firmer mattress may not be the immediate answer either, so educate yourself on the different types before you make your selection.

Have your allergies or asthma gotten worse?

Allergy season comes and goes, but if you find that your experiencing symptoms even when the season is not upon us, your mattress may be the culprit.

Over time our mattresses collect dust mites and other pollutants and trap them in their fibers. You can flip your mattress, steam it, and vacuum it and it will help to reduce the allergens, but there comes a time when you just have to call it quits and buy a new one.

Having a new mattress to sleep on will make breathing more comfortable and allow you to rest better.

Life-Changing Sleep

Without sleep, our bodies cannot heal themselves and recharge, and when we do not get adequate rest, we do not perform well. The National Sleep Foundation has conducted studies that around 75% of Americans have problems sleeping. How many of us could bring that percentage down by just updating our mattress?

That is why Nothing But Beds offers the best deals on mattresses in the area because we understand the importance of a good night’s rest. Let us help you by contacting us today so we can help you choose a new bed that will benefit your body and mind.